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“We doesn’t want to teach, we want them to think”

Kabra Memorial Public School is platform emerge with great vision by our chairman, also my father Shri Ram Kumar Ji Kabra to enhance the knowledge and skill of youth of Gadarwara by facilitating them with all the best resources.
It’s Our strong belief that god has gifted everyone as an genius. A Child comes raw like a plane paper, it’s we a parent and a teacher who creates and colour them. This is the thought adopted at Kabra Memorial Public School. In its mission statement 'Grooming for Better tomorrow', the word 'Grooming' assumes great significance for, it is the core of the KMPS philosophy. KMPS strongly believes that every child possesses a wealth of potential. KMPS aims at making children forward looking, enriching them with social skills, critical thinking and the ability to apply knowledge. Each and every action here is based on this conviction. Through Kabra Memorial Public School , the management is committed to offering an education where through an effective blend of time tested and contemporary methods, a student's linguistic, logical, mathematical, naturalist, spatial, inter and intra personal skills are nurtured and reinforced along with regular academics, So that they can become an effectual resident of India.
KMPS philosophy focuses on nurturing the hidden talent in every student, thus realizing the very mission of KMPS