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House System

School will have its own house system. Inter house competitions will be held throughout the year, to provide opportunities to student to showcase their inherent talent, team spirit, teamwork and cooperation.

Computer Education

Computers play a significant role in the future and our students are made computer literate to benefit from these new opportunities. To promote computer literacy, students will be exposed to computers from Nursery onwards. Every student of the school is given training in computers to up date their knowledge. The students are made aware of the latest digital technology and its application.

Multimedia Education / Smart Classes

To make learning exciting, enjoyable and stimulating, multimedia resources will be used extensively. Stories on multimedia, games, musical rhymes, poem etc are regular activities for the Pre-primary classes. Educational programs are also arranged in our audio visual hall through LCD and Digital projectors. Smart class program shall be used in the higher classes for easy and better understanding.

Stage Performance

School will have a permanent stage, to be used for daily assembly and various functions in the school. Every student will be encouraged to participate in stage activities which will help improve confidence and overall personality of the student.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking skills have been known to be very effective in developing confidence, self belief, oratory, leadership and quick thinking skills along with eliminating anxiety and shyness. We strive to develop excellent public speaking skills in every student.

Extra Curricular and Hobby Clubs

We have dedicated Hobby Clubs to develop specific talents in students like debates, drawing and painting, music, trekking, photography, dance, singing, writing etc. Most of these clubs are managed by students enabling them to develop leadership skills.

Staff Training

To make teachers effective in their profession, we have an extensive program to train teachers on a regular basis to keep them up to date with the latest changes in the technology, teaching methodologies. Our teachers will also be encouraged to attend the various national and international seminars to keep abreast with the latest changes in the field of education.

Skill Development Workshop

An independent well equipped work shop will be made available in the school to develop skills of the students which can be used in the life after school. Trained professionals on the part time basis will be hired on regular basis to develop talent of the students.